Networking access control isn’t as difficult as it may appear to be. Just use the Toplock control system which has the ability to connect direct to any network using TCP/IP. This is achieved by adding an interface, the EXT TCPT, to a Toplock D series controller. The system is ideal for “control room“ scenarios.

Text Box: A Toplock 4 less its case and PSU with a EXT TCPT and additional inputs plus output relays. The RJ45 to the network connects here

Shown in the diagram to the left is a typical layout for a networked access control system. The software is loaded onto either a server or a sub server computer. The five workstations are shared to this server and the DDS software.


Any workstation can log on to the software using password protected codes. The software is true multi-tasking so can cope with different programming at the same time.


This configuration also shows three controllers connected to one computer and three more attached to another.


In real terms the workstations with the control system connected could be in different building and even different towns or cities.


The whole system works as one. Data is retrievable from any workstation providing the users access level allows it.

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