Magnet cards seem to have been around forever and are one of the most successful and widely used card formats available. Multilink’s magnetic swipe cards come pre-encoded with a printed card number. They are plain white on the front which enables the card to be used for ID printing etc. Available in packs of 50. Card size and thickness same as credit card.


HID Proxcard II cards are the most widely used proximity cards in the world. The clamshell version seen here is supplemented by the ISO prox version which like the magnetic card is the same size as a credit card and can also be printed on whereas the clamshell versions cannot . Available in packs of 50.


To compliment the cards also available is the Proxkey II. Designed with all the same characteristics as the cards, the using is able to keep the token on a keyring or hang from a lanyard.




The Identecs range of long range RF proximity cards and tags are second to none when it comes to hands free. Pickup up is up to 1 metre in most cases and further with different readers. A vehicle version is also available to enable such readers as CR1 DS to be used with induction loops. Long range cards are “Active” cards, which means they contain a small coin cell battery. Approximate life is 5 years under normal use. The cards are 5mm thickness. Available in packs of 50.

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