Text Box: Aperio™
Aperio™ is an exciting new enabling technology for wireless access control. The innovative new technology enables doors with mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to existing access control systems without any need to modify or replace the door, thereby delivering a particularly cost-efficient solution. Aperio™ enables end users to expand their existing access control systems enabling more doors to be integrated easily and cost effectively.

The card reader is part of the handle set. This connects wirelessly to a local hub which in turn connects to the access control system and software. There is no additional lock or magnet, the unit acts like a normal handle on the inside only needs a retro fit of the door handle lock and handle set which Aperio replaces.

Aperio works will all Multilink DDS online door control systems and existing 125khz systems can have Aperio added as required.


Aperio Locking system

Aperio™ RS485 communication hubText Box: Aperio™ Communications hub incorporates up to eight doors
The new Communications Hub AH30 can operate up to eight doors within a transmission range of about 15 to 25 metres. Suitable for interior doors, this hub is particularly practical for hallways with a number of adjacent rooms. 

AperioTM Technology enables doors with mechanical locks to be integrated into both new and existing access control systems at a favourable price. Thanks to the new communications hub, costs for each door integrated into the system are now even lower. The time and effort required for installation are also reduced, since only one single 1-to-8 hub needs to be integrated instead of numerous 1-to-1 hubs.