The software accepts all standard digital image formats, bmp, jpg etc. The system can import your own logo. The card holder data is automatically uploaded from the access control software database, you donít have to input it twice.



Multilink recommend and supply Magicard ID card printers which have proved to be cost effective and reliable card printers.


We highly recommend the Magicard 600 duo which connects by USB and

has a very fast† print time.

The 600 will also print both

side of a card without removing the card from the machine.


Cards can be printed with your

logo and details via Amadeus 5

card print programme which is

integral to the access control programming software.


Multilinkís ACM Magnetic swipe card and HID ISOProx will print without problem.

Please contact us for more details


Text Box: The DDS range of online software, Amadeus 3 and Amadeus 5 can both incorporate Photo ID badge production options. Photo ID is becoming more necessary in all sectors of industry and government. The DDS access control system software can produce ID badges from within the software. 
No extras, no peripheral badge software, its all provided.